My GMAT experience with Mark Alan Robinson, MBA was amazing. I did some research before taking this Houston prep course, and signed up one night before the class started. Never regretted. After taking 6 weeks GMAT prep course with Mark, my GMAT score jumped by 150 points. Mark cares about each individual to succeed.

- Irina Z. – native of Kazakhstan; Mark’s alumna in 2017-2018 Veritas Prep GMAT prep courses in Houston; Google review for MBAcademy Feb. 2018 -

For six weeks, I tried to “prep smarter and score higher” studying Kaplan® GMAT Prep books and video resources. But, my GMAT score did not improve. Kaplan even gave me a refund. Then, I took The Economist® GMAT Prep online self-paced, personalized test prep program. While it’s a very comprehensive program, it just didn’t do enough to prepare me for the challenging questions GMAC likes to serve up. No 70-point improvement in my GMAT score, so The Economist gave me a refund, too. Only your in-person Houston GMAT prep classes helped me the most.

- J.K. - Professional salesman, foodie and treehugger -

Mark was a great GMAT prep instructor. His unique way of teaching really stuck with me as I was studying and taking the test. After working with him, my GMAT score improved by 100+ points and I am now on my way to a top business school! Highly recommend his Houston GMAT prep class.

- Omar C. - super poised, cordial, and eloquently speaking HR professional; heading to Booth -

Mark is a great instructor. I wish I had known him 10 years ago. His in-class GMAT preparation course is very comprehensive and systematic. Mark inspired all of us in the class and kept us engaged throughout the class. I am impressed with his dedication and passion in teaching.

- Stephen D. - Chinese native; scored 750 98th percentile -

If you want a tutor who goes all in for your GMAT score, look no further. (Or, should he have said ‘farther?’ Today, either works.)

- Hayden H. – Oil and gas entrepreneur; 2018 alum from Mark’s final Veritas Prep GMAT prep full course in Houston Jan-Feb 2018; Posted his Yelp review for MBAcademy Feb. 2018 during birth of baby #2 -

Mark Alan Robinson is an amazing GMAT instructor. I learned a lot and really appreciated his way of teaching, always finding a different way to explain new concepts.

- Victor R. – Native of France; Veritas Prep GMAT prep full course alumni 2017; Facebook review of MBAcademy Mar. 2018 -

Mark Alan Robinson, MBA is one of the best instructors I’ve had. During the first 3 weeks of our Houston GMAT prep class, my score improved 80 points. He’ll help you see the GMAT in ways you never would’ve thought.

- Santiago Z. – alum from 2018 Veritas Prep GMAT prep full course in Houston; Google review for MBAcademy Feb. 2018 -

After I had tried many GMAT resources and tutors, Mark was the one that finally unlocked my testing to V40. Highly recommend Mark Alan Robinson for private tutoring!

- Kevin J. – Engineer extra-ordinaire; Mark’s 2018 Veritas Prep GMAT private tutoring Padawan for only 10 hours; boosted score 50 points to 720; GMAT Club review for Mark Alan Robinson MBA 2018 -

When I first did Mark’s Veritas Prep course, I was steadfast in my engineering 'must-solve' ways and found myself constantly fatigued as I'd get to the verbal sections. Mark injected optimism and a little bit of magic into the GMAT; taking the mundane and heavy course load and making it into fun examples and eulogies. He taught me that it's ok to guess. I took his Veritas Prep GMAT prep Houston class twice, and I have no regrets. Mark is a wonderful educator and great role model to follow.

- Bharat M.; passionate, personable native Indian who joined the GMAT 700 club; Beat the GMAT review for Mark Alan Robinson MBA Feb. 2017 -

I could not recommend Mark Robinson enough, he understands that everyone learns differently and will tailor a study schedule or learning method for you individually. With Mark's help, I was able to get into every program I applied at. Additionally, Mark has invaluable insight about more than just "how to beat the GMAT": Mark would give tips about how to handle a current employer while studying for the GMAT, as well as how to successfully navigate the early stages of a career. He is an amazing teacher who truly will help you achieve even the most ambitious aspirations.

- Matt M. - 5-star review (2018) on Google and Facebook -

I’ve been studying with Mark Alan Robison MBA in Houston, Texas since January 2018. Mark’s GMAT private tutoring sessions have been a GREAT help! My GMAT test scores have risen significantly since meeting with Mark. From the first session, you can tell that Mark identifies the needs of his students. Then he customizes that course to their needs. This individualized approach truly separates Mark from his peers. Furthermore, Mark genuinely cares about his students which can been observed by his passion. Most notably, Mark has a deep understanding of the GMAT and is able to provide incredibly helpful tips and tricks from the 13 years he has tutored GMAT students. These tips increased my accuracy and improved my pace. If you want to ace the GMAT, take Mark Alan Robinson’s prep course!

- Keith B. - water loving and super bowling engineer -

If you follow Mark's directions, the results will follow. I am an engineer who started the GMAT process thinking my quantitative section would be a breeze and verbal would be difficult. [Just the opposite!] Mark helped me navigate the large amount of study material available to hone my skills to become a more rounded applicant. With a score increase of 90 points from my first practice test (Week 1 of class) to my real GMAT exam (1 week after the class's conclusion), I can safely say this class was worth the value. Thanks to Mark for all of the work you do for the class!

- Kyle A. - scored 740, 97th percentile -

I took an in-class GMAT course with Mark. My GMAT score increased 160 points after my class with him. My quant score went from a 35 to a 49. If you are stuck in low 600s or struggling in time management or strategy, this is the perfect person for you! Mark is an excellent teacher and one of the brightest people I have ever come across. He will give you a plethora of strategies and tools that will aid you in maximizing your performance come test day. I started with a 510 and am up to a 670. I plan to retake the test and have full confidence I can get to the 700 club.

- Takeya G. - Mental and physical athlete; engineer seeking permanent position on Houston Texans Cheerleading Team 2018; read Yelp review for more insights -

Our boutique, beyond GMAT prep offering includes:

GMAT private tutoring

Exhausted by self-study without a coach or team? Are you a verbal guru who needs only math genius? Or, vice versa? Does your unpredictable work schedule impede attending a GMAT course? Has one-on-one tutoring disabled your ADHD or other learning disability? We love adapting to your learning style. One size does not fit all.

MBA admissions consulting

MBAcademy helps future MBAs tell their stories, resonating with their best graduate schools of business. Our mission is to train you to realize your dreams, helping top MBA programs and you discover each other.

Career coaching

What are you seeking? The vision of MBAcademy is to help you GMAT students find your true passions, and start leading as the executives, or entrepreneurs you were meant to be. Together, we will prep a reasonable, dynamic GMAT and MBA roadmap so you can begin flawless execution.

Active alumni network

Business is about, by, and for people. MBAcademy members can connect with the growing network of over 2,300 successful MBAcademy alumni to speed and deepen job searches, and meet mentors, and future employers, employees and business partners.

GMAT prep full course, like B-school

DISCONTINUED: MBA programs seek candidates with strong undergrad GPAs, GMAT scores, and leadership stories. MBAcademy live, in-person classes build the last two per your goal: 10K, half marathon, marathon, or Olympic.

Why, whom, and how we serve

Why? First, we teach because our heroes inspired us to great things. Second, we teach so our alumni can achieve their best GMAT scores, MBA programs, financial aid packages, careers, and lives. In fact, Robinson is pursuing his Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree at University of Florida (class of 2022) so he can teach entrepreneurship and innovation at accredited graduate schools.

Our founder's investment in a GMAT prep course yielded huge returns: admission to a top MBA program, merit-based financial aid scholarships worth 43 times the course cost, and GMAT-related income worth 805 times the course cost. Can you invest $2,200 today for a similar ROI or $1.9 million return over your working life?

Whom? While others teach GMAT prep courses as GMAT tutors, our faculty are business owners, leaders, executives and MBAs who lead, coach and mentor motivated students to think like executives today.

Seven to 12 times per year, MBAcademy admits cohorts and sections of up to 16 motivated students, adding roughly 150 alumni per year.

Context: In 2017, 9,467 GMAT exams were taken in Texas, 3,875 by women, and 5,590 by men, with an average age of 26.8 years old, and a mean score of 532. But, MBA programs will compete for the best applicants so they rise in national rankings.

How? MBAcademy GMAT prep courses, private tutoring, and MBA admissions consulting are delivered in the context of informal business case studies, career coaching, and life lessons.

Like leading MBA programs, MBAcademy unlocks students' skills, talents, and genius, training them to be mental athletes, mental samurai, or mindful samurai. How? Via experiential learning, blended learning, project-based learning, collaborative learning, and much more, e.g., applied sports psychology, neuroscience, etc.

So, how motivated are you to achieve your best GMAT score, financial aid package, MBA program, career, and life?

Are you tired of self-study?

Do you believe you can grow your brain - that is, have a growth mindset - with proper innovative techniques, hard work, and a great coach?

Are you disappointed with lackluster results from low cost, low value, online, and conventional test preparation, private tutors, tutoring centers, GMAT prep courses, GMAT tutors, and MBA admissions college counseling?

Can your GMAT score increase 16 percent by simply sitting within eyesight of a top performing GMAT student?

Can your GMAT score increase eight to 12 percent with proper hydration?

What else are you missing?

Are you ready to be part of a team - your class, cohort, or section - with a lifelong student-teacher as your coach, who has already equipped 2,300 alumni, whose lifetime earning potential exceeds $7 billion, many of whom have already completed their full-time, profession, and executive Masters of Business Administration degrees at the best MBA programs in the U.S.?

Request More Information

Option #1: Private tutoring may be what you need if:

1. Your life and work are unpredictable, and you cannot realistically commit to a regular class

2. You need to polish only a few subject areas. That is, you are not new to GMAT prep, or

3. You are on a tight application deadline.

MBAcademy prices its private tutoring packages and hourly rates fairly and lower than most GMAT prep tutoring competitors.

Have you already shopped other GMAT test prep tutors, such as, Manhattan Prep ($295 to $245 per hour), Veritas Prep ($265 to $165 per hour), and Princeton Review ($180 to $167 per hour)?

Have you discovered that elementary, middle, and high school tutoring services in Houston, Texas in 2018 range in price from $100 per hour (Kumon) to $150 per hour (tutors serving students at area private schools)?

Finally, as of 2018, the top 50 full-time MBA programs at private universities charged in-classroom hourly tuition rates range from $197 (Harvard Business School) to $147 (#50).

And, $112 per hour was the in-classroom hourly tuition rate of the top ten in-state Texas full-time MBA programs.

MBAcademy tutoring rates in 2019 start at $165/hour. But, 10-hour, 20-hour and 30-hour tutoring packages enjoy reduced rates. Call for details.

Are you motivated and do you believe that you can boost your GMAT score by 140 points or more, like the average Veritas Prep student did?

MBAcademy and Chief Learning Officer Mark Alan Robinson fit our services to your needs: no "one size fits all." So, packages are customized and competitive, included your preferred mix of one-on-one tutoring, self-study, cohort learning, career coaching, and MBA admissions consulting. Your hard work, confidence, and enjoyment are expected.

Simply fill out this form to schedule a FREE 10-minute call with Mark Alan Robinson, MBA, Faculty and Chief Learning Officer*, your new personal trainer and coach.

Or, if you have found what you were looking for, and are ready to join the MBAcademy network of leaders, call us at (713) 364-9213.

* Professor Robinson is studying “Teach Like A Champion 2.0:  62 Techniques That Put Students on the Path to College” by Doug Lemov.

Robinson in Adjunct Faculty at Houston Baptist University in the Archie Dunham College of Business.

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