Natalia A.

5-star review by Russian Cougar up 140 points

I wish I could be an exception and say something different from the "crowd"...but, no, I'm joining the chorus of Mark's Alumni!

Mark is a wonderful Teacher! (with the capital T!)

Everyone comes to him for a better score , but we all leave with something bigger.

You will receive a lot of support and good advice, Mark will find "your" language to speak to you and all of that will come in a light, non-invasive manner, you just need to open up and "absorb". And you don't even notice it at first, until (at some random point) you realize that all of a sudden your ambition has grown, because he shows you that you can do much better than you thought.

And just to throw some numbers in - my score grew 140 points within that class (and I could do better if I just practiced more) and I'm starting my MBA this Fall.

P.S. Go for it!

Keith W.

5-star review 2/21/2018

I've been studying GMAT with Mark Alan Robison MBA in Houston, Texas since January 2018. Mark's GMAT prep private tutoring sessions have been a GREAT help! My GMAT test scores have risen significantly since meeting with Mark.

From the first session, you can tell that Mark identifies the needs of his students. Then, he customizes that course to their needs. This individualized approach truly separates Mark from his peers.

Furthermore, Mark genuinely cares about his students, and is passionate about teaching.

Most notably, Mark has a deep understanding of the GMAT and is able to provide incredibly helpful tips and tricks from the 13 years he has tutored GMAT students. These tips increased my accuracy and improved my pace.

During the private tutoring sessions, Mark has also provided helpful insights into the business school application process.

If you want to ace the GMAT, take Mark Alan Robinson's prep course!

Reply from Mark R. 2/25/2018

Thanks, Keith, for sharing your story and for allowing me to be part of your GMAT, MBA, and career adventure.

I've enjoyed seeing you learn, and seeing myself laugh unexpectedly when you catch me off guard with your mental agility and quick wit.

And, had I known how long of a review you'd written, I may have allowed you to take fewer written notes tonight!

Matt M.

I could not recommend Mark Robinson enough, he understands that everyone learns differently and will tailor a study schedule or learning method for you individually. With Mark's help, I was able to get into every program I applied at. Additionally, Mark has invaluable insight about more than just "how to beat the GMAT" there were many times that Mark would give tips about how to handle a current employer while studying for the GMAT, as well as how to successfully navigate the early stages of a career. He was an amazing teacher who truly will help you achieve even the most ambitious aspirations.

Reply from Mark R. 3/5/2018

Thanks, Matt! Glad to see you're doing well.

Dan S.

5-star review 4/28/2018

Mark is a one-of-a-kind educator that is passionate and knowledgeable about preparing his students for whatever their career goals are. His GMAT prep lessons are engaging and entertaining, and prepare students well for the GMAT and getting their MBA. I would highly recommend Mark Alan Robinson, MBA to anyone who wants to prepare for the GMAT!

Reply from Mark R. 4/28/2018

Thank you, Dan, for your gracious review and, more importantly, for your hard work as a member of our recent MBAcademy cohort. I look forward to your updates as your adventure unfolds. Your big fan, Mark

Stephen D.

5-star review 4/2/2018

Mark Alan Robinson, MBA is a great instructor. I wish I had known him 10 years ago.

His in-person GMAT preparation classes are very comprehensive and systematic.

Mark inspired all of us in the class and kept us engaged throughout the class.

I am impressed with his dedication and passion in teaching.

If you want to attend the in-person GMAT preparation course in Houston, Texas, you should put some effort before and after each of the 12 class sessions. Preview section of the course materials tells you how to maximize value of the course.

Reply from Mark R. 4/2/2018

谢谢 (Xièxiè) Stephen! Your determination to achieve your best GMAT score - as one of the two oldest students - pulled others in the class to do their best.

By the way, recently, I learned that classmates and coworkers who sit close enough to be seen, even monitored, by an overachiever can see performance improvements of 16%. So, your attendance may have boosted other students' test scores.

Every week, we polled the class asking "Did you take a practice exam this weekend?"

You were consistently ahead of the next high achieving student for the most practice GMATs, even though you had considerable challenges finding a quiet space for 4 hours away from your children.

Clearly, practice made perfect for the two of you who took so many practice GMATs: 100+ point jumps to 740 and 750, 97th and 98th percentile.

Welcome to the 700 Club! And, welcome to American Mensa!

I'm excited for your GMAT victory, and am eager to follow the rest of your MBA, career, and life adventures.

Your professor and big fan, Mark

Bharatram M.

5-star review 4/18/2018

I came into Marks class for the first time looking to improve on my GMAT - nothing else. But, by the time I had finished his course, I was not only doing better, but also approaching life differently.

How, you may ask?

Well, as an engineer, I was used to having to solve equations and puzzles - I needed answers! Mark taught me the differences, and correlations, between the GMAT and businesses, and how the ability to recognize whether or not something could be solved, and gave me the awareness to rationalize potential outcomes (answer choices). I think this perspective helped me personally overcome my barriers and allowed me to look at questions differently.

From the course itself, his anecdotal approach definitely helped trigger certain trains of thought while I was writing the GMAT and helped me stay calm (he says some terrible (sorry Mark!) jokes that carry a message and really stick)

I'd highly, highly recommend his course!

In addition to teaching, he's also been an excellent guide and mentor. He's helped me brainstorm and develop several ideas and taught me that a free mind is not taught in the classroom and that I need to explore the world around me.

I can frankly say that there is a huge difference in my approach to both my professional and personal passions and he's a big part of that difference !

P.S. I ended up getting 700 on the GMAT.

Reply from Mark R. 4/27/2018

Thank you, Bharat! You have been an inspiration to me and so many other students. Thank you for such a kind review. I look forward to catching up with you over coffee in the coming weeks.

David A.

5-star review 5/2/2018

I took an in-person Houston Texas GMAT prep course with Mark Alan Robinson MBA for 7 weeks.

I had taken the GMAT before, but did not score what I wanted. I wanted to retake the test, and decided to take Mark's course to prepare.

The MBAcademy in-person GMAT prep course was more than I had expected, and a great experience.

Through Mark's teaching and mentorship, my score jumped 70 points hitting above 700!

From the class, I found that I learned how to approach differently not only the GMAT, but also problems outside of the classroom. These insights came from Mark's unique teaching style that fits very well into the GMAT test.

The GMAT tests more than knowledge, and Mark plays to that in class.

Furthermore, Mark cares for all his students. He was very involved in helping all those in the class reach their desired score and clearly was active in trying to be more than just a teacher who was seen for 3 hours twice a week.

If you are considering taking a class or private tutoring for the GMAT, MBAcademy is the way to go.

There is a significant amount of work outside the classroom, and it is up to you ultimately to put in the study time. But, Mark will guide you down the right path to get you were you want to be.

It was well worth my time and money to take the MBAcademy class, and I would recommend Mark to anyone I know studying for the GMAT.

Reply from Mark R. 5/2/2018

David, I am SO proud of your academic discipline, and how God rewarded you with such an amazing GMAT score, up 70 points from an already great 680 to an outstanding 750. 98th percentile.

Don’t celebrate yet: I’ve seen better scores not convert to acceptance (trying to keep you humble and focused).

David, when we met at church, I was excited to meet someone who was familiar with the small town in Alabama where I worked after business school. It’s a small world.

You’d already self-studied for the GMAT, and were clearly intelligent and driven. You’d even already doubled down by purchasing The Economist GMAT prep online materials, which were non-refundable.

So, I was humbled that you trusted me with even more investment for intensive in-person GMAT prep, Houston GMAT tutoring, and your MBA aspirations.

But, your faith, trust, hard work during our Houston GMAT prep class, and adrenaline on game day paid off big time, laying a solid foundation for MBA applications to the top 15 b-school programs.

Thank you for calling me immediately after you finished your live GMAT at the Pearson Vue Professional Center in Bellaire. “I beat your score, teach!” LOVE IT!

As Yoda counseled Luke, the padawan must surpass the teacher. (Now, remember, my 740 was 99th percentile or top one percent years ago. So, when will you sit again for the exam?! Just kidding. Your priorities are well placed on next steps.)

Note: The week before your exam, that building’s fire alarm interrupted some of my other students’ live GMAT.

I look forward to staying in touch and even working together to make a greater impact through our careers.

P.S. I’m glad that your exemplary GMAT performance rendered you ineligible for a refund from The Economist for GMAT resources you no longer need.

Now, get on to the next steps: interviewing MBA programs, and finding your highest and best use - your calling.

Kasey H.

5-star review 4/25/2018

Mark Alan Robinson, MBA was my Houston GMAT prep teacher and mental ninja. Before Mark launched MBAcademy, Mark taught me in his Veritas Prep 6-week, live, in-person GMAT full course. The guy brings so much energy, and it is contagious, probably because Mark is a Clean Energy Executive by day, and GMAT superhero on nights and weekends. If you're looking to take a GMAT prep class, MBAcademy in Houston, Texas is the place.

Reply from Mark R. 4/26/2018

Thank you, Kasey! I’ve enjoyed prepping you for not only your best GMAT, but also your best MBA, career, and life. Thanks for staying in touch! Your mental ninja coach, “Famed, Bright, Warrior and Protector” Mark Alan Robinson

Takeya G.

5-star review 4/18/2018

I took an in-class GMAT course with Mark. My GMAT score increased 160 points after my class with him. My quant score went from a 35 to a 49. Here are some key take aways on fully maximizing your time with Mark:

1. Take the time to truly understand the foundations of verbal and/or quant. As an engineer, I found I struggled the most with verbal, specifically sentence correction. It wasn't until after a LOT of bad study sessions where I had to humble myself and go back to the basics of sentence formation. Looking back, I wish I took the time to do this prior to my sessions with Mark. My verbal score quickly increased when I refreshed my memory on basic verbal concepts while implementing the strategies Mark taught me. If you are not strong in foundation, you can easily get lost in the sauce in a group class.

2. If you are struggling in quant, this is your man. Again, math is built on FOUNDATION. If your foundation is not strong, you will not succeed on the GMAT Quant section. I already had a strong math foundation but only scored a 35 in the Quant section. Mark forced me to see math as more than solving equations, which I love to do lol. He showed me how to identify GMAT tricks, how to cancel answer choices without solving the problem, and how to solve problems in an unconventional way. My timing got so good that I would have 30 min to complete the last 10 problems in the quant section. I scored a 49.

3. Practice how you play! He will give you strategies. When you do practice problems, use them! Bad habits are hard to break, but you will save yourself some heartache and, in my case, GMAT exam money if you just trust he is leading you in the right direction.

If you are stuck in low 600s or struggling in time management or strategy, this is the perfect person for you! Mark is an excellent teacher and one of the brightest people I have ever come across. He will give you a plethora of strategies and tools that will aid you in maximizing your performance come test day. I started with a 510 and am up to a 670. I plan to retake the test and have full confidence I can get to the 700 club.

Reply from Mark R. 4/26/2018

Thank you, Takeya! MBAcademy should bring you in as the alumni keynote speaker two weeks before every class begins.

If we were (subjunctive mood) to let you play GMAT big sister to new students, then we would (conditional tense) likely hear fewer “if only I had” comments, witness fewer repeat attendees of our Houston GMAT prep course, and celebrate with more students who surged like you did (beyond the average 140-point increase).

(See the parallel construction in the list of three verbs?)

I’m very proud of your 160 point jump! Your active engagement in each Houston GMAT prep class made a HUGE difference (not subtraction). Relatively small gap for us to close for your 700.

(Context: what is 30 relative to the 160-point increase you’ve already achieved?)

Please text me the date and time of your next live GMAT so I can be praying for you. I’ve even been known to show up at the Pearson Vue Professional Center in Bellaire to cheer on my GMAT prep course and GMAT private tutoring students.

Your Houston GMAT prep course faculty, Chief Learning Officer, and big fan,

Mark Alan Robinson, MBA, a network of leaders, and a division of Momentum Bay Associates LP

P.S. Congratulations on your winning a permanent position on the Houston Texans Cheerleading Team! I’m SO proud of you, and look forward to cheering you on for years to come.

Andres B.

5-star review 5/11/2018

Mark is an incredible teacher who doesn't only do everything he can to improve your GMAT score, but also helps you throughout the entire admissions process and any other career advice you might need. I came in with an extremely low practice score and some other students came in with an extremely high practice score.... At the end of the course it was mutually agreed that we all improved significantly and that would not have been possible without Mark's style of teaching. He has a lot of experience with the GMAT and with teaching so you're able to learn how to really think like the Testmaker. What also sets him a part from any other teachers I met was his experience at a top MBA school and how he's able to really relate to your experience and how the GMAT will really prepare you for school. Mark keeps in touch with all his students after the course and is always readily available for any help you might need.

TLTR: Take Mark as a GMAT professor. You will not regret it and your score will increase significantly.

Reply from Mark R. 5/17/18

Thank you, Andres, for your hard work in class, your connecting me with fellow clean energy industry contacts, and for hanging out outside of class. I'm praying that your creativity and drive land you the job opportunity you mentioned.

Omar C.

5-star review 4/4/2018

Mark Alan Robinson MBA was (and still is) a great GMAT prep instructor.

His unique way of teaching really stuck with me as I was studying and taking the test.

After working with Mark, my GMAT score improved by 100+ points and I am now on my way to a top business school!

Would highly recommend his class.

Reply by Mark R. 4/4/2018

Thank you, Omar! I’m so proud of you and your MBA, career and life adventures to come. You stand out among my 2,300 other alumni since 2005 so much that I told tonight’s class about how classy and poised you are. Now, relax the next several months before the MBA program begins! Thanks again for your gracious testimonial ; )

Miriam A.

4-star review 2/22/2018

I recently took the in-person GMAT course with Mark Robinson, and the class got me motivated to finally study! Mark has a plethora of knowledge from his 10 years of teaching.

The class itself was very fast-paced though, and it was easy to get lost with all the tips and tricks without the background knowledge. Hence, that's why it's important to complete the Skillbuilders before class.

If you are a student that understands the basic concepts, and just want to get through a test taking plateau, then Mark is your guy.

Reply from Mark R. 3/4/2018

Thank you, Miriam, for your review.

The class is definitely fast-paced and is a rigorous six-week training for the GMAT marathon. Endurance, skill and strength are required, just like Ninja Warrior and Beastmaster competitions.

More and more students take the course and the live GMAT more than once (as many as 8 live GMATs are allowed). So, you're feelings are spot on.

Simply rest up, and run the race again, and again.

You get one chance to get into your best school, and one chance for the best financial aid package.

And, as I mentioned in class, this GMAT training is just a preview of the discipline required during your graduate business studies, during your career, and in life.

168 hours or more of study -- just 24 hours of extra work weekly for six weeks -- can change your rank on the bell curve dramatically.

Hayden "Griffin" H.

5-star review 2/28/2018

Mark cares! If you want a GMAT prep tutor that goes all in for your GMAT score, look no further. Mark finds ways to keep students engaged - even entertained - throughout the boring study content. Mark was my first call after taking the live GMAT.

Reply from Mark R. 3/4/2018

Thanks, Griffin! What Yelp readers should know is that you care, too: Griffin wrote this review WHILE he and his wife were at the hospital having baby #2. I'm glad that momma, baby and daddy are all doing well. You're an awesome GMAT prep alum, and a great husband/dad.

Victor R.

5-star review 3/2/2018

Mark is an amazing GMAT prep tutor. I had the pleasure of meeting him during a GMAT preparation course in Houston, Texas.

I learned a lot and really appreciated his way of teaching, always finding a different way to explain new concepts.

Reply from Mark R. 3/4/2018

Je te remercie pour tes aimables paroles. And, congratulations on your recent professional victor-ies!

Kyle A.

5-star review 2/26/2018

I took a Houston Texas GMAT prep class led by Mark Alan Robinson MBA for six weeks in January/February 2018. The 6-week in-person class includes a vast amount of study material, but the value from this class comes from Mark and his persistence that you put in the work outside of class.

The study material includes 12 books (ideally one for each class) by global leader Veritas Prep, and covers all sections of the GMAT, including AWA and Integrated Reasoning. Due to the different starting levels that each student is at when the class begins, the pace varies week to week. This is where Mark shines as an excellent leader for this program. Like others have mentioned, he is willing to put extra time into each class and student to make sure everyone has a chance to grasp the material. Incorporating several real-world examples from both his business and business school experiences, Mark keeps the in-person GMAT prep course in Houston fresh and interesting. This is no easy task since almost all class participants work full-time jobs and attend this class twice weekly during a full work week.

The best advice I can give to those interested in taking this class is to make sure that you are ready to put in the effort required by this class. The material you are given includes pre-class work, homework, and 7 practice tests that should all be used to your advantage. Mark gives you guidance on which sections require the most pre-work (Arithmetic, Algebra, Sentence Correction, etc.) and tries his best to make sure the class stays up to date with their practice tests. If you follow Mark's directions, the results will follow.

As an engineer who started the GMAT process thinking my quantitative section would be a breeze and verbal would be difficult, Mark helped me navigate the large amount of study material available to hone my skills to become a more rounded applicant. With a score increase of 90 points from my first practice test (Week 1 of class) to my real GMAT exam (1 week after the class's conclusion), I can safely say this class was worth the value. Thanks to Mark for all of the work you do for the class!

Reply from Mark R. 3/4/2018

What a thorough review! Thanks, Kyle. You definitely put in the hard hours, and it paid off. Welcome to the GMAT 700 Club!

Belen P.

5-star review 4/18/2018

I took an in-person GMAT prep course taught by Mark Robinson in 2017 in Houston, Texas.

He is as good as it gets! Well prepared, He will teach you everything he knows.

Reply from Mark R. 4/18/2018

Gracias, amiga!

Santiago Z.

5-star review 2/14/2018

After self-studying for the GMAT for around two months and noticing little to no progress, I decided to invest in a in-person classroom course. After scouring the internet for reviews for different courses and instructors I found Mark's course.

I can comfortably say that the class exceeded all my expectations, which were already high given the amount of 5 star reviews Mark had. His style of teaching is energetic and engaging to the point where you actually start enjoying going to a classroom late at night during a weekday. He's incredibly knowledgeable on the subject matter and makes the GMAT material fun and relatable.

Within the first 3 weeks of the course I was already noticing a 70 point increase in my scores.

I would recommend Mark's class to anyone who's serious about improving their GMAT scores and having some fun in the process.

Reply from Mark R. 5/3/2018

Thank you, Santiago! VERY proud of your hard work, and how well you've stayed in touch with me. Keep coming with the updates on your GMAT prep, MBA applications, MBA admissions, and career aspirations.


5-star review 8/5/2018

For six weeks, I tried to “prep smarter and score higher” studying Kaplan® GMAT Prep books and video resources. But, my GMAT score did not improve. Kaplan even gave me a refund.

Then, I took The Economist® GMAT Prep online self-paced, personalized test prep program. While it’s a very comprehensive program, it just didn’t do enough to prepare me for the challenging questions GMAC likes to serve up. No 70-point improvement in my GMAT score, so The Economist gave me a refund, too.

Only your in-person Houston GMAT prep classes helped me the most.

Jake H. - Veritas Prep books
5-star review 3/4/2013

I highly recommend Veritas Prep and the instructor Mark Alan Robinson.
Mark sincerely cares about his students. Mark not only does his best to present the material in a way that suits the student, but also is interested in the student's well being outside of class. Specifically, Mark is willing to use his connections to enhance the network of his students. Mark is also willing to share his expertise for business school applications, essays, etc.

Mark Alan Robinson's teaching skills shine brightest in GMAT private tutoring lessons. Robinson figures out each student's learning style and, then, modifies lessons to the individual.

Finally, even with a busy family life, a full-time job (Momentum Bay and GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS), etc., Mark offers a very flexible schedule for Houston GMAT prep private tutoring lessons.

Jose O. - Veritas Prep books
5-star Review 3/1/2013

The Veritas Prep September-October 2009 GMAT Prep In-Person Full Course in Houston, Texas taught by Mark Alan Robinson was an amazing experience! Mark is a great teacher who knows how to teach outside of the box. He will engage you in ways that ensure you will not ever be bored! Highly recommended to those preparing for the GMAT.

Svetlana - Veritas Prep books
5-star Review 2/27/2013

I took the Veritas Prep GMAT course in January - February 2013 in Houston, Texas. And, I have to admit that I was lucky to have Mark Alan Robinson as an instructor of this excellent program.

Mark is a great and talented professor, approachable and helpful. The Veritas Prep GMAT course has comprehensive materials that teach how to think like a test-maker. And, Mark shows how to think like a CEO.

His method of deconstructing sophisticated GMAT questions into uncomplicated and simple exercises is highly valuable.

Mark is very passionate about what he does, and he inspires his students, and makes them believe that they can succeed. Such a coaching approach is especially important for a foreign student like me.

Thank you Veritas Prep and Mark for making my way to the MBA of my dreams!

Chingiz - Veritas Prep books
5-star review 2/27/2013

In a process of choosing among most prominent GMAT courses back in August 2011, I made a comparative analysis of offers, quality and references from those who'd already attended these courses. No doubt the most beneficial course to me was the September-October 2011 Full Course in Houston, Texas.

In terms of organization, the Veritas Prep GMAT prep classes, abundance of online tests, and amazing books with unique approaches granted me the maximum study time for a reasonable price.

But, whom I value the most is my GMAT prep professor, Mark Alan Robinson.

Mark's tutoring style was so easy-going and personal, that the audience was deeply involved into complicated and for some students unfamiliar material.

Maintaining a firsthand contact with every student, Mark didn't hesitate to stay after the lesson and to give additional explanations to those who didn't feel confident in comprehending the material.

As a devoted husband and father, he came up with great tips, tricks and examples illustrated by children environment, making GMAT prep problems so easy to keep in mind.

Another important outcome was a manager's mindset that he gave us: fast, savvy and intuitive, avoiding overthinking and straightforward calculations.

Overall, Robinson's know-how was invaluable to my passing successfully my live GMAT and getting the scores that let me apply in top-notch schools.

Thanks, Mark and Veritas Prep, for your efforts! And, keep going the same way!

Tianbo - Veritas Prep books
5-star Review 2/27/2013

I am glad that I took this course in 2012 for my MBA application. Mark Alan Robinson was my tutor, and we spent most of our time studying the Verbal section of GMAT.

I took the Veritas Prep November-December 2012 In-Person GMAT Prep Full Course and GMAT Private Tutoring with Mark Alan Robinson in Houston, Texas.

Mark's teaching style is very energetic. Trust me, you will not fall asleep or feel bored. Robinson's very engaging teaching style is what a GMAT student wanted. Private tutoring is even better! He responded to and discussed any questions I had and patiently solved the questions with me.

I would recommend Mark Alan Robinson to anyone!


5-Star Review 2/26/2013

I signed up for the Veritas Prep January-February 2012 GMAT Prep Full Course and Private Tutoring in Houston, Texas taught by Mark Alan Robinson.

The Houston Texas GMAT prep in-person classes were well structured and gave plenty of time for questions. Best of all, the classes are available evenings to accommodate work schedules.

I opted for additional tutoring to refine my GMAT test subject knowledge. And, Mark was more than capable of answering any question I had.

The Veritas Prep books were excellent in both the amount of GMAT practice questions and the depth of explanations.