Has a LinkedIn message, an email, a text message, or voicemail ever made you stop and really smile?

This recent LinkedIn message and parallel email had that effect on me.

In 2013, Gaurav lived in Houston, working for one of the world's largest global oilfield services companies.

I was blessed to teach Gaurav in one of my Veritas Prep GMAT in-person full courses.

What a hard worker!  He now is the country lead over several Asian countries for that oil company.

Fast forward to this summer. While reconnecting with my 2,300 amazing GMAT prep alumni, I received LinkedIn and email messages from Gaurav. Evidently, life got super busy just after our GMAT prep classes. So, he chose to postpone his live GMAT and MBA.

Those life choices are absolutely OK! Some of my best students realize their true other-than-MBA callings through the GMAT prep and MBA application process.

What Gaurav wrote made me stop and smile wide.

He typed, "You were the best teacher I ever had."

So, there is no need to wonder why I have enjoyed the avocation of teaching GMAT prep, the vocation of consulting and corporate training related to clean energy and sustainable real estate, and why I am pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration degree by 2022 so I can lead and teach entrepreneurship and innovation to graduate students.

Thank you, Gaurav.  And, thank you to all of my #MindfulSamurai MBAcademy and Veritas Prep alumni.