Since 2005, 2,300 of my students and alumni from my best GMAT prep courses, classes, and tutoring have made my life fun.

We have laughed together, boosted our brain power, and learned to change and save lives as enterprise leaders. But, did you realize how powerfully influential students are on teachers?

And, do you realize how much I still need your encouragement and support?

Several times over the last decade, I have considered teaching more and better, returning to Academia for a doctoral degree in order to teach entrepreneurship at graduate business schools.

August 2019 to 2022, I will finally get to do just that: a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). This hybrid program -- about 35 days on campus, and the rest remotely -- will allow me to keep working and teaching in Houston, Texas and nationwide.

Here is the backstory, and how you can continue to spread the word about, Momentum Bay, and GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS. Would you wear this apparel as an alum, and tell others how I love to teach world-changing leaders like you?

#MindfulSamurai fundraiser for Mark 3.0: upgrading to Dr. Robinson

In conclusion, I am just another #mba happy to help fellow #students and lifelong learners to #practice well for the #gmat #gre and other #gradschool #exam getting into their best #bschool or other #university. Why? In order to #KeepMovingForward