GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA - July 5, 2018 - Today, the Warrington College of Business at University of Florida in Gainesville offered MBAcademy's founder Mark Alan Robinson, MBA the final spot in its fully subscribed three-year Doctor of Business Administration program. Go Gators!

Appreciatively but patiently, Robinson chose to defer one year in order to get ahead on pre-work and dissertation research, entering the program extremely ready. He begins August 2019, and expects to be Dr. Mark Alan Robinson in 2022.

More importantly, the Robinsons need another year to grow MBAcademy, GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS, and Momentum Bay to provide sufficient funding for the doctoral program's total cost, roughly $120,000.

Unlike full-time MBA programs, DBA programs do not offer scholarships for top one percent (1%) scores on the Official  GMAT.

No worries. While MBAcademy preps you for the GMAT and much more, you will be helping Robinson become a superhero teacher for yourself and for the next generation of graduate business students.

When you are ready, we can begin your adventure with the best GMAT prep course, GMAT tutoring, MBA admissions consulting, and career advice in Houston, Texas.  How ready are you to join the MBAcademy network of leaders?