What is your super power?

Natalia A. found her super powers at MBAcademy, Houston's best GMAT prep course and tutoring.

She learned to see GMAT verbal problems as quant problems, and vice versa.

She honed her spider sense, and mastered the art of feeling -- not doing -- problems.

As an MBAcademy alum and #MindfulSamurai, Natalia can now see numbers in context, that is, denominators, which are the spice of life and every problem.

Like Neo in The Matrix, she sees the game behind the game, prime numbers inside big scary numbers, and even binary machine code -- the zeros and ones.

Today, like so many other #mba #students, she starts #bschool, more specifically her Bauer MBA at University of Houston. Congratulations, young lady!

Natalia always sat on the front row of our Houston GMAT prep classes, even surprising her classmates with gifts of gourmet snacks.

Natalia, you are a class act. Keep sharpening those super hero skills to #leavealegacy with your #htowntakeover