Thru April 23, 2018, please vote for my Houston GMAT prep course alumna Takeya G.! This Chicago native engineer works hard at not only mental fitness, but also physical fitness. And, her determination clearly pays off, starting with a solid FOUNDATION in verbal and quant. Her GMAT score jumped from 510 to 670 during her Houston GMAT prep class with Mark Alan Robinson MBA. And, she's aiming for the GMAT 700 club. Plus, she became a finalist for a permanent spot on the 2018 Houston Texans Cheerleading team. Can you imagine how much your daily vote for this top 1% MBA candidate will help her stand out from tens of thousands of other MBA applicants? Way to lead, Takeya G.! I'm VERY proud of you! Change the life of a fellow future MBA by casting your vote now at this URL