Today, in downtown Houston, I picked up today a super birthday gift from a super poised GMAT prep full course alumna. First, she referred a coworker to the upcoming MBAcademy GMAT prep class that starts Monday, May 7, 2018 at 6:30 pm. Did you know there is a Word Of Mouth Marketing Association?! Old school marketing, I know. Takes a lot longer, but works the best. This new Houston GMAT student is aiming for 700+ and Harvard Business School. Let the mental fitness program begin. Thank you, Omar, for the unexpected birthday gift of a referral! And, second, she shared that Booth accepted her. She even begins a summer internship with a Booth alum here in Houston before starting her MBA program. Congratulations again for big move to Chicago. I can only imagine the impact you’ll make at Booth and elsewhere during your career.