For obvious reasons and similarities, our family loves the Disney movie "Meet the Robinsons." Here is one way to get to know your Houston GMAT prep course instructor and Houston GMAT prep tutor. Why did Mark Alan Robinson MBA start teaching? I wanted to get engaged and married, and my best guy friend encouraged me to look on Craigslist for a consulting project over the holidays during a typical business lull. Right. As an MBA?! So, humbly, I heeded his advice that night. Coincidentally, two MBA candidates from Yale were starting Veritas Prep, and were hiring instructors globally. Teaching the first 7-week GMAT prep class hooked me. What fun! So natural for someone who already loved teaching. Btw, when I handed Stephanie her engagement ring and proposed, she said "Yes!" April Fools Couple Go Green at Houston Wedding2,300 alumni and 13 years later, teaching GMAT prep classes and GMAT tutoring are still a blessing.