Another MBAcademy alum surrendered her self study GMAT prep materials.

Why?  Because she can now become a millionaire.

From the moment I met Cynthia, I knew that she would be a great MBA candidate and business leader.

Today, the Forte Foundation, focused on bringing women business leaders to top MBA programs ( - Fellowships), believed the same about Cynthia.

Moreover, a top MBA program named Cynthia a Forte Scholar, offering her a lucrative scholarship.

For context, this scholarship - when invested conventionally doubling every 7.2 years - could make Cynthia $1.6 million by age 67.

Yes, she can be a millionaire before retirement. (Can GMAT prep can be a financial planning tool?)

Yes, when our aspiring MBAs abandon self-study and commit to four to 12 months of elite mental athlete and executive training with a veteran professor (commander, coach, counselor), MBAcademy clients enjoy GMAT prep, MBA admissions consulting, and career coaching as more than a service, but as an experience and transformation.  (Have you read the book "The Experience Economy?")

In conclusion, at an analyst's or cook's perspective, MBAcademy's Mark Alan Robinson could boost your GMAT score from a 730 to 790, 680 to 750, 590 to 700, or 320 to 570 and beyond.

More importantly, at a CEO's or chef's viewpoint, proper training could make you a millionaire, like Cynthia will be.

How strong is your growth mindset? Your motivation? When will you be ready to begin your journey as a future millionaire?