How would you feel if you had grown and stabilized a very seasonal restaurant business over 6+ years?

Tired? Demoralized?

Or, ready for a break to gain a global perspective, prepping for the next phase of growth.

Well, one of my new students has accomplished exactly this story.

And, he is ready for a world-class MBA.

So, recently, he and I have been learning how to cook hundreds of GMAT prep problems like chefs - not cooks - achieve Michelin stars by purveying and plating what other cooks rarely can.

Today, during private tutoring at MBAcademy, we were approaching as chefs (chief executives) GMAT practice sentence correction problems from both the 2019 Official Guide and the student's Manhattan Prep self-study materials.

And, through drills, we discovered some of his Achilles' heels:  Countability, and Comparison (Parallelism).

FEWER cooks.  LESS meat.

NOT ONLY [verb, 3rd person singular], BUT ALSO [verb, 3rd person singular].

NOT ONLY undermines, BUT ALSO implies.

So, this chef returned to his restaurant for a management meeting confident that he now understands how to up his game, achieving fewer (not less) countability errors.

Nice work, Chef!