A) Pure joy

B) Confidence and humility

C) Sense of satisfaction

D) Freedom and responsibility

E) Dreams start becoming reality

F) Ability to change and save lives as a business leader

G) All of the above.

I know, GMAT questions have only five answer choices. But, life has many more.

Yesterday, many of the best alumni from MBAcademy Houston GMAT prep courses and tutoring, and my Veritas Prep GMAT classes and tutoring began their b-school classes.

And, this morning, Stephanie, who is one of my most disciplined Houston GMAT prep tutoring alumni who worked in Oil & Gas, checked in from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin.

To inspire you to your best, she shared this Day One pic and email:

Hi Mark. It's great to hear from you! Yes, I am on Cloud 9. Orientation started two weeks ago, and classes started yesterday. I'm so thankful for Orientation to help me get back in the school "groove" as well as giving me the chance to meet my 288 classmates from the Class of 2020. 

It's surreal to think that after 2 years of prep, this experience is finally here. There were points in the journey when it felt like I would never reach this point. But, I can finally say that I am genuinely happy with how the adventure turned out.

Attached is my First Day picture that I sent to my family. Feel free to share!


Texas McCombs MBA Candidate 2020